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“Finally clean machining of cast iron.”

B-Cool MC 640 CI

Dieter Brühlmann and Marco Diesing – Production Team Hidrostal, Switzerland

The ideal metalworking fluid for machining cast iron and steel

  • Clean workpieces and machines thanks to excellent rinsing behavior and filterability
  • Spotless surfaces and excellent corrosion control
  • Exceptional stability with long sump life
  • Low foaming also in high-pressure systems
  • Odorless and gentle to people and the environment*

* Free of critical substances such as boron and formaldehyde.

Cast Iron Milling Blaser Swisslube B Cool MC 640 CI

Clean machines, spotless surfaces, stable processes

Cast Iron Metalworking Fluid in action Blaser Swisslube B Cool MC 640 CI
Milling Cast Iron Metalworking Fluid Blaser B Cool MC 640 CI

Clean machines after 12 months of milling cast iron with B-Cool MC 640 CI at Hidrostal, Switzerland

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B-Cool MC 640 CI – "Finally clean machining of cast iron."