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What is Liquid Tool?

Our unique mix of machining experts, customized services and excellent products turns your metalworking fluid into a key success factor… a Liquid Tool.

Whatever material, application and industry, we help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools. From decades of experience in both machining and chemistry, we know that process stability, economic efficiency and machinist satisfaction are factors that critically depend on the choice and the quality of your metalworking fluid and process.

4 steps to our Liquid Tool.

Liquid Tool step 1 - we analyze your current production process

Step 1 – Comprehensive analysis of your current production process

Every customer's situation is unique. That is why Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids are not sold off the shelf. By first determining each customer's situation, we set the foundations for long-term successful cooperation. We examine your situation for potential improvements and help you realize them to the fullest extent.

Our machining experts analyze your production process and requirements together with you on site. We offer this analysis free of charge, as we’re confident that we can generate added value for you.

Liquid Tool - step 2 we provide a report and improvement recommendations

Step 2 – Status report and improvement recommendations

We have developed our own instrument, the Liquid Tool Analyzer, to verify the value-added elements of our proposal. Based on the situational analysis results, we work out a customized offer for products and services to meet your requirements and reach your improvement goals.

We give you a status report on your current production and highlight potential improvement areas. We then work with you to set specific goals and define how they can be achieved.

Liquid Tool - step 3 we provide onsite testing of your production environment

Step 3 – Onsite testing

Before implementing our new solution in your entire shop, we implement on a machine or machines of your choosing. This way we can guarantee the results of our Liquid Tool analysis and make you fully comfortable before implementing the new solution on a full scale.

We test our recommended solution in your production environment. You and your colleagues can experience our metalworking fluid in action and experience the improvements first hand.

Liquid Tool - step 4 we implement the solution and provide training and support

Step 4 – Ensure and implement

We train your operators in handling our metalworking fluids, support you with monitoring plans and instructions, and pass on additional tips in the correct handling of metalworking fluids derived from our four decades of experience in the CNC industry.

After ensuring that the test results have met our goals, we plan implementation of the new solution, as well as training and support.


Liquid Tool - Blaser Swisslube 4 steps to  success

Our service doesn’t end with implementation, we’ll always be a reliable partner to ensure your continued success. We provide dedicated support, following up regularly to guarantee that your machining process always operates at peak performance.

Our Liquid Tool – more than just a metalworking fluid

Learn more about the benefits of our Liquid Tool.

Request an analysis of your production process if you’d like to turn your metalworking fluid into a Liquid Tool.


Our Commitment – the Liquid Tool.