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“Too good to be true.”

Blasogrind GTS 15

Reto Mühlethaler– Grinding Technologist, Blaser Swisslube AG

Maximised Q‘w through higher feed performance

Increased rate of material removal Q‘w [mm3/mm/s]
  • Extended grinding burn limit allows for higher feed rates and thus an increased material removal rate
  • Reduced reject rate thanks to a lower risk of grinding burn
  • Optimal cooling thanks to fast air release
Particularly suitable for gear grinding
  • High performance in case hardening and hardened steel, as well as HSS
  • For profile and creep-feed grinding
High-performance grinding oil
  • Formulation optimised for high feed rates, long dressing intervals and excellent surface quality
  • Reduced environmental impact thanks to low misting
  • Improved safety thanks to a high flashpoint
  • Suitable for polymer concrete machines
  • Good filterability

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Blasogrind GTS 15 – "Almost too good to be true."