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We make your work simpler, safer and more profitable.

Benefit from our knowledge and experience.

Technical field service :

Analyse your situation together with our technical field service, who will always be available to you.

  • Comprehensive advice
  • Custom-tailored service
  • A Swiss-wide network of lubrication experts

Application engineers :

Our application engineers will help you choose the right products and create customised maintenance plans for easy and safe use.

  • The best solution for any application
  • Simple and secure servicing
  • Preserving the value and functionality of a plant
  • Avoiding machine downtimes

Chemists :

Our chemists will develop high-performance products for you in the industry’s largest and most modern lab in compliance with the strictest standards and regulations.

  • Absolutely reliable product performance
  • The best possible human- and environmental compatibility
  • Products that comply with the newest statutory requirements

Servicing – simple and safe thanks to our lubrication plan.

We’ll create a customised lubrication plan for each machine to ensure minimum maintenance and maximum machine availability.

The lubrication plan is the foundation for efficient servicing – leaving you with plenty of time for other work.

  • Streamlining categories
  • Systematic storage techniques
  • Simplified servicing
  • Clear categorisation
  • Quality- and planning reliability
  • Compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions

A collaboration that’s worth it.

We can offer you the best solution and maximum profitability for any application.

Initial situation

Each manufacturer and importer of construction machinery and lorries makes their own recommendations. The Merz company has a fleet comprised of various brands, which necessitated the storage of multiple lubricants – a laborious and complex situation.


After creating detailed lubrication plans complying with the manufacturer’s specifications, the range of lubricants was streamlined, allowing the company to reduce storage costs by 30%.

«Thanks to our close collaboration with Blaser and their many years of experience, we were able to streamline our product range and reduce storage costs by 30%.»

Thomas Mettler

Workshop Manager, Merz Baustoff AG

Our products – developed and optimised for you.

Different operating conditions warrant different requirements. That’s why our product range is designed in such a way as to provide you with everything you need from one source – no matter where you’re located.

Motor oils

The right motor oil in the right performance and viscosity category for all motor types and operating conditions.

Gear oils

Lubricants for all gears, customised to the gear’s specific requirements.

Hydraulic oils

Our versatile product range allows us to react to many different technical and environmental needs.


The requirements that grease needs to fulfil are just as diverse as their areas of application. We have the right grease for every application.

Skin protection

Our 3-stage “Protection-Cleansing-Care” concept allows us to offer you a comprehensive solution.

Radiator protection

For effective protection against frost, overheating, corrosion and cavitation.

Release agent

Our wide range of asphalt, concrete and bitumen release agents, as well as mixer protection was developed both for construction sites and for pre-fabrication.

Corrosion protection and cleaning agents

For protecting, cleaning and preserving your devices, machinery and parts.

Special products

  • Hammer drill oils
  • Compressor oils
  • Adhesive oils
  • Heat transfer oils


»We’re always there to make a malfunction or a bottleneck as short as possible – even on Sundays and bank holidays.«

Alfred Iseli

Head of Sales

Overview of our services.

To make sure you can concentrate on your work, we offer you various customised services.

Storage and logistics services

Thanks to quick deliveries, a large storage capacity and our own vehicle fleet, our products are available at any time.

Disposal of used oil

We ensure a safe and environmentally friendly disposal in line with the applicable legal regulations.

Clarification with manufacturers

We’ll clarify any issues with machine and vehicle manufacturers and with authorities on your behalf and will support you when it comes to complying with the existing regulations.

Knowledge transfer at technical seminars

We’ll demonstrate exactly how to use our products in the most effective manner and pass our technical knowledge and up-to-date information on to you.

Oil analysis

We’ll support you in detecting malfunctions at an early stage to ensure the long-term, reliable use of your plant.

Filtration equipment rental

Our filtration machinery prevents damages due to dirt, while prolonging the life of your vehicles and machinery.

Lubrication-related documentation

We guarantee efficient maintenance work, the successful reduction of categories and the continuous optimisation of your servicing processes.

Competent customer service

Our application engineers will answer all of your questions pertaining to the use of lubricants.

Contact us for a consultation.


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