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Professional Service Kit


Blaser Swisslube – Professional Service Kit

Blaser Swisslube – Professional Service Kit, part number 09805-01-0001

For on-site monitoring, we offer you an application-oriented case. Equipped with pH, water hardness and nitrite measuring strips, etc. Please note: the hand-held refractometer and digital refractometer, depending on the application, must be ordered seperately.

Professional Service Kit / Additional material

Interessted in our professional Service Kit? Or do you need any additional material for your Service Kit? No problem. Ask us for a quote.

Hand-held refractometer, part number 09289-01-0000

Blaser handheld refactometer

Blaser Swisslube – Hand-held refractometer

Digital refractometer, part number 09287-01-0000


Blaser Swisslube – Digital refractometer

Spare parts:

  • pH indicator strips, part number 09650-01-0000
  • Hardness strips, part number 09651-01-0000
  • Nitrite strips, part number 09652-01-0000
  • Graduated cylinder SAN 50 ml, part number 09308-01-0000
  • Pocket thermometer, part number 09309-01-0000
  • Sample bottle incl. cap, part number 09981-01-0000

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