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“Profit from our knowledge and experience.”

With our profound know-how and experience, we help you optimize your entire production process from diamond wire cutting to wafer cleaning to filtration and waste water treatment. Fully exploit the potential of your machines and tools and turn your cutting fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

Comprehensive analysis and optimization of your processes.

Andreas Neumann – Senior Application Engineer, Blaser Swisslube AG

Stable processes. Higher quality. Lower costs.

Did you know that the cutting fluid typically contributes only around 5% of your manufacturing costs, but can positively influence 95% of these costs?

Minimized costs

  • Minimal rejects
  • Savings on diamond wires, manpower, machine downtime, cleaning chemicals and waste water treatment
  • Choice between low concentration fluids and standard concentration fluids with recycling system

Maximized output

  • Increased yield
  • High feed speed, cutting performance and machine uptime
  • High wire performance due to superior cleaning and rinsing behaviour of the coolant

For all process types

  • For ultra-thin, electroplated and resin-bonded wire
  • For multi and mono silicon
  • For individually filled machines (batch) and central supply systems
  • Recycling with various technologies (from filter press to advanced filtration solutions)

Optimized cost of ownership

Cost per wafer

​​​​​​​High concentration fluids usingrecycling systems

High cutting performance

  • Superior cleaning of the diamond wire
  • Low carry-over of silicon residues

SEM picture of 60 µm wires

Excellent cutting quality

  • Low TTV/saw marks and chipping
  • High surface and edge quality
  • Minimal rejects

Wafer thickness plots

Easy-to-clean wafers

  • Excellent rinsing behaviour
  • Minimized cleaning required

Wafer cleanliness before pre-cleaning

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Profit from our knowledge and experience