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Unlock the potential of your tools in titanium machining.

Vasco Skytec H 600

Christoph Wüthrich, Application Engineer, Blaser Swisslube – Andrea Biscardi, Product Manager, Makino Europe – Dirk Masur, Component Manager Aerospace, Walter Tools

Safe machining process, lower overall costs

The ideal metalworking fluid for titanium machining

  • Minimizes tool wear and number of tool changes without compromising process reliability
  • Allows for higher material removal rates
  • Low foaming also in high-pressure systems (e.g. Makino T2 with internal coolant supply 1,015 psi / 70 bar and 53 gpm / 200 l/min)
  • Qualified or approved by renowned manufacturers in the aerospace industry
  • Also suitable for machining aluminum, steels and nickel-based alloys thanks to high material compatibility
Safe process and long tool life

Tools are often changed too early in titanium machining as a precaution in order not to jeopardize the production process and the quality of expensive workpieces. With Vasco Skytec H 600, you can use your tools significantly longer without compromising process reliability.

Roughing titanium on a Makino T2 machine

Cutting parameters: Vc 60 m/min; fz 0.18; ae 10 mm; ap 60 mm

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Vasco Skytec H 600 - Unlock the potential of your tools in titanium machining.