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Coolant management is well worthwhile.

Made easy with our automation solutions.

The right metalworking fluid, correctly monitored and maintained, has a positive effect on all aspects of your production. With our smart coolant management, you can optimize your processes and minimize maintenance efforts.

Fully automatic coolant management

The AutoPilot from Liquidtool* monitors concentration, temperature and sump level of each connected machine and tops up each tank individually and continuously with the exact concentration and quantity. All data and actions are recorded in the Liquidtool Manager, giving you an overview of all machines at all times.

*Liquidtool Systems is a sister company of Blaser Swisslube.

Stable concentration, stable process

A stable concentration is a prerequisite for a stable machining process. Continuous topping up ensures that the concentration always corresponds to the target value. In addition, it minimizes temperature variations.

Less consumption, minimized maintenance effort

Continuous top up has been proven to reduce coolant consumption by up to 40%. Thanks to automatic measuring, topping up and documentation, your employees save time and can concentrate on their core tasks.

Get the most out of your metalworking fluid

Automatic top up ensures that the performance and stability of your metalworking fluid are maintained. This has a sustainable effect on all aspects of your production.
  • Stable processes
  • High workpiece quality and machine availability
  • Shorter cycle times
  • Long tool and sump life
  • Careful use of resources thanks to lower coolant consumption
  • Minimized maintenance efforts
  • Fewer absences thanks to safe working environment and satisfied employees
  • Lower overall costs per produced workpiece

Modular system for all needs

No matter what type and number of machines you have, or what kind of monitoring and automation you envision. We have a solution for your needs – from purely automatic monitoring to fully automatic additivation for central systems.

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Automation - Coolant management is well worthwhile.