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The correct use of the right metalworking fluid can have an enormous leverage effect on the stability, quality, performance and thus, the costs of your production.

Decades of machining experience have taught us there are complex correlations between chemistry and mechanics. Our chemists and machining experts in our laboratories and technology center focus on every detail, developing metalworking fluids that help you fully capitalize on the potential of your machines and tools.

Blaser Swisslube CNC Coolant Benefits 4 Steps to the best cnc fluid

We enable you to produce more parts in a given time. We optimize your machining process using our long-term stable cutting fluid, combined with our Liquid Tool Analysis. You will achieve higher speeds, feed and machining rates, resulting in more parts produced per shift.

Better cost-effectiveness

We significantly lower your tooling costs by reducing wear and extending tool life, often times while simultaneously increasing cycle speed. Additionally, the long service life of our metalworking fluids significantly reduces machine cleaning outlay and waste disposal costs.

First class machining quality

We not only improve the quality of your machining process, but the consistency as well. The result is noticeably higher surface quality, greater precision, and more constant quality. That means less reworking outlay, fewer rejects and lower scrap rate. No matter the type of material you work with, we have a specific solution to achieve these results.

Air-release & anti-foaming

Our metalworking fluids excel at rapid air-release and anti-foaming, even with high-pressure applications, and under a variety of water parameters.

Quality, health, safety,
and the environment.

Our products reliably minimize machinist’s health and safety risks, improve working conditions, and help protect the environment.

Learn about the specific benefits of each of our solutions.

Request an analysis of your production process if you’d like to turn your metalworking fluid into a Liquid Tool.