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Discover the central role that metalworking fluids play in machining – via articles from our experts in the technology center and laboratory, as well as from our customers around the globe. 

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Besides daily visual checks, the measuring of the concentration and the monitoring of pH value and emulsion hardness, there are also other factors that need to be checked to ensure an ideal emulsion....

Nitrite and microbial growth


Besides the concentration, there are other parameters of water-miscible coolants that need to be monitored and measured: The pH value and the emulsion hardness are among the most important factors to check....

Monitoring pH value and emulsion hardness


During machining processes, water-miscible metalworking fluids can get contaminated in different ways: by dirt, guideway and hydraulic oil, metal fines and even from unknown substances. Daily inspections can...

Monitoring is key


To optimize the overall process safety and quality, a metalworking fluid emulsion must be perfectly balanced and stable. To accomplish that, it is crucial to maintain an ideal water quality....

Water quality is a key factor


Titan Gilroy is an enthusiastic Blaser user and owner of TITANS of CNC. He only uses the best metalworking fluids available on the market. With his online platform, TITANS of CNC Academy, he has given many...

An enthusiastic Blaser user – BOOM!


If your shop is ready to restart production, check that the metalworking fluid has been properly maintained and is in good condition before powering up the machine....

Ramping up production?

Customer Cases

The specialists at Ramseier Werkzeugbau found themselves struggling with short tool life. Series production was then switched to B-Cool 9665 in cooperation with Blaser Swisslube. This not only extended tool...

26 percent longer tool life

Customer Cases

The situation facing Biral AG, the leading Swiss pump manufacturer, in its production hall was anything but optimal, with an unstable emulsion and unsatisfactory coolant service life the least of the company’s...

Sustainability is the primary objective

Customer Cases

Sometimes synthetic metalworking fluids end up negatively impacting tool life when used with tough materials. Wells Manufacturing overcame that issue when it converted to Synergy 735 from Blaser Swisslube....

Synthetic cutting fluid keeps shop cleaner