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Our metalworking solutions

We set the highest standards for the quality of our products, the expertise of our specialists, and the dependability of our customized services.

We have specific formulas for every material industry, and application. Learn about our various solutions below, and then contact us to schedule a Liquid Tool Analysis to identify the perfect solution for your needs. 

Metalworking solutions - water-miscible fluids water soluble cutting oil

Water–miscible fluids :

Our well-balanced product range offers you optimal machine compatibility, optimal cooling and lubrication, and long-term stability. Additionally, Blaser products are an industry leader in human and environmental compatibility.

Metalworking solutions - minimum quantity lubrication products

Minimum quantity lubrication :

Our MQL portfolio contains state-of-the-art products for all common applications such as sawing, milling, turning, drilling and deep-hole drilling for standard and high-performance machining.

Metalworking solutions - Blaser Swisslube services - water quality testing, training and on-site support

Our services :

Water quality testing, various training programs, on-site support and more. We offer everything you need to keep your shop running at peak performance.

Metalworking solutions - Blaser Swisslube Neat Oils - cutting and grinding oils

Neat oils :

A well-balanced range of neat oils developed for optimal performance under a wide range ot temperature pressure conditions. The result is an ideal solution for cost-effective machining.

Metalworking solutions - Blaser technical equipment for mixing and measuring

Technical equipment :

High quality mixers, measuring equipment, parts, and accesories. Manufactured with the same high performance standards as Blaser cutting fluids.

Industries & Applications

Blaser Swisslube products for the automotive industry
Blaser Swisslube products for the aerospace industry
Blaser Swisslube products for the medical technology industry
Blaser Swisslube products for luxury goods precision manufacturing

Industries & Applications

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Water-miscible coolants

Handling and care of water-miscible coolants

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Cutting oils and Grinding oils

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