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Logistician EFZ

Logisticians EFZ know the entire process chain and therefore react appropriately to irregularities. They guarantee a high quality and economic efficiency of the work processes, comply with the requirements for health and environmental protection and work safety and pay attention to high energy and resource efficiency.

Logisticians manage goods and optimize their use. They receive goods, check them and store them in a suitable manner with the help of industrial trucks or complex conveyor systems. When they receive an order, they prepare the relevant goods for delivery or dispatch, pack and label them, draw up the delivery papers and load the vehicles properly and safely. They also regularly check the stocks and carry out inventories.

Computers and scanners are important tools for EFZ logisticians. You can use it to register goods, carry out inventory controls, plan warehouse management with simple calculations, create statistics, process and pick orders. The preparation and packaging of smaller mail items are also part of the tasks.

What you bring

  • practical understanding
  • skilled craftsmanship
  • good physical condition
  • IT affinity

What you can already do or what you can learn from us

  • fine motor skills
  • Organizational talent
  • Reliability and a sense of responsibility
  • independence
  • Endurance and ability to concentrate
  • Sociability
  • Service awareness
  • Handling of chemical substances

Training in the company

The apprenticeship lasts 3 years. You will get to know the various stations such as incoming and outgoing goods , forwarding, warehouse and warehouse management using scanners and computers as well as mailing.

Technical teaching at the vocational school

During the entire apprenticeship period, you will visit the vocational school in Lyss or Thun for one day a week. At the beginning of the training there is an introductory course lasting several weeks so that you can acquire the basics for working in logistics. You will also receive the SUVA recognized forklift license, which enables you to skillfully and skilfully transport goods with the various floor vehicles.

Career prospects

After the basic training, you have the option of completing the vocational baccalaureate, a higher technical examination to become a logistics specialist, or further training to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the university of applied sciences.

We don’t have an open apprenticeship positon for EFZ logistician at the moment. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer any trial apprenticeships for this profession.