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We help you meet the specific needs of EUV lithography.

B-Cool Eltec 502

Outgassing cube produced in our technology center. For the development of safe and reliable products and processes. – Andreas Neumann, Segment Manager Electronics, Blaser Swisslube AG

Meets the requirements of quality control and production

Fulfilled cleanliness requirements
  • Excellent aluminum compatibility – even with sensitive alloys such as Al 5083
  • Formulation without critical HIO elements such as P, Si, Sn and Zn
  • Low mineral oil content helps fulfill RGA specifications
Satisfied machine operators
  • Optimal machine compatibility
  • Clean parts and machines thanks to excellent rinsing behavior
  • Suitable for both soft and hard water

Specially developed formulation for machining workpieces for EUV lithography

Surface - spotless even with sensitive aluminum alloys.

Surface: spotless even with sensitive aluminum alloys

Outgassing - helps fulfill RGA specifications

Outgassing: helps fulfill RGA specifications

XPS - no critical HIO elements

XPS: no critical HIO elements

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B-Cool Eltec 502 - We help you meet the specific needs of EUV lithography.