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B-Cool MC 660

“Tangibly better.”

B-Cool MC 660 – For the demanding mixed materials production.

Employees from Aegerter Swiss Technology and Blaser Swisslube

For the demanding mixed materials production


  • For all alloys based on steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel and cobalt
  • Suitable for both hard and soft water
  • For individually filled machines and central systems


  • Enables high cutting performance and long tool life
  • Ideal for challenging applications and the most demanding material combinations


  • Excellent rinsing behavior
  • No residue formation
  • Low foaming also in high-pressure systems


  • Optimized protection from bacteria and fungi
  • High hard-water stability

Convinces even our most critical customers

Aluminum Metalworking Fluid Lab Tested Blaser Swisslube B Cool MC 650 AL

Our entire B-Cool expertise – combined in one single product

Blaser B-Cool MC 650 AL Aluminum Metalworking Fluid

“Impossible isn’t a word in our vocabulary.” Test customer Andreas Zumbach, CEO, Aegerter Swiss Technology

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B-Cool MC 660 – "Tangibly better."