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For a more sustainable aerospace industry.

B-Cool Skytec 500

Tobias Halter, Production Planning / Projects, BWB-Betschart AG – Daniel Schär, Senior Segment Manager Aerospace, Blaser Swisslube AG – Christian Mathis, Construction, FM-Racine Hydraulik AG

Qualified/approved by renowned manufacturers in the aerospace industry

We help you reach your sustainability goals

  • High coolant stability maximizes sump life and allows emulsion to be reused
  • Long tool life reduces demand for carbide
  • Low top-up rate and excellent rinsing behavior reduce coolant consumption
  • Excellent lubrication properties lower energy consumption of your machines
  • Overall safe processes and lower total costs

Universal water-miscible metalworking fluid

  • Enables high material removal rates and long tool life thanks to high cutting performance
  • Ensures low scrap rates and perfect surfaces – even with sensitive aluminum alloys
  • Low foaming also in high-pressure systems
  • Suitable for both hard and soft water
  • For all alloys based on aluminum, steel, titanium and nickel

Developed for chip briquetting and emulsion recycling

Unique formulation ensures that the metalworking fluid still contains all the important ingredients after briquetting so that it can be reused.

  • Stable pH guarantees long sump life
  • Reuse of the emulsion reduces consumption and disposal costs

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B-Cool Skytec 500 - For a more sustainable aerospace industry.