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A “Boombastic” special offer for new customers with a 5-axis machine

High-performing machine tools are a big investment for your shop. Don’t forget that choosing the right metalworking fluid has a measurable impact on many other cost factors including tool life, cycle time and the finish quality of every part.

“The best coolant I’ve ever used. My guys love it.”

The right coolant saves you time and money

Our customized solutions will help you get the most out of your 5-axis CNC machines while lowering production costs and maintenance. Our experts select products for your specific machining process and material mix, so you can turn your metalworking fluid into a key success factor – a Liquid Tool.

“Boombastic” Blaser initial fill offer

Blaser is a proud sponsor of TITANS of CNC and extends a special offer for their “Boombastic Show”. Complete the form below and use promo code 5AXIS21.

  • Liquid Tool analysis: Before we recommend a metalworking fluid, our specialists analyse your machining process, situational conditions, and requirements. We return a customized offer to help you reach your improvement goals.
  • Initial fill discount: 20% off list price of coolants or cutting oils for 5-axis machining centers.
  • Accessories discount: 20% off of list price of eligible cleaners or accessories.
  • Training on how to mix, monitor and maintain your coolant for a longer sump life and cleaner shop.


Test us. It’s worth it.

Let us show you what the right metalworking fluid can do for you.

Initial fill offer is available to all new 5-axis customers from 5/25/2021 to 6/30/2021. You may also contact your Blaser representative or and mention promo code 5AXIS21 to receive your discount. Promotion is valid only in North America. The terms may change or the package may be discontinued at any time without notice.

Titan Gilroy and Marc Blaser, CEO of Blaser Swisslube at IMTS, 2018