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Water-miscible fluids

Our well-balanced product line offers you optimal flushing and cleaning, as well as unparalleled machining compatibility.

Blasocut :


  • Free of bactericide and boron
  • Excellent human and environmental compatibility
  • High performance thanks to well-proven additive technology
  • Finely dispersed oil-in-water emulsions thanks to modern technology
  • Universal cutting fluid for nearly all machining operations, materials and water qualities in diverse climates
  • Robust
  • Emergency running properties

Mineral oil based cutting fluid with our unique bio-concept

B-Cool :


  • Good resistance to microorganism growth
  • Keeps machine clean
  • Low rate of concentration adjustment

Mineral oil based cutting fluid

Synergy :


  • Mineral oil free
  • Stable against high-pressure applications and extremely high cutting speeds
  • Non-foaming in hard and soft water
  • Suitable for medium to high removal rates
  • Easy handling

Oil free synthetic cutting fluids for cutting and grinding

Vasco :


  • Outstanding performance thanks to natural oil molecule polarity
  • Resistant to high pressures & temperatures thanks to compact lubrication film
  • Ideal for high-tensile / tough steels and titanium
  • Natural raw materials

Mineral oil free cutting fluid based on natural resources

Grindex :


  • Mineral oil free
  • Keeps grinding disks sharp
  • Ideal for light grinding applications such as reciprocating grinding
  • Effective corrosion protection

Oil free synthetic cutting fluids for grinding

Synergy DWS :

Synergy DWS

  • High yield and process stability
  • Minimized cost of ownership
  • Compliance with COD targets
  • Advanced machine and wafer cleanability
  • Traceless cleansing of coolant in preparation for texturization
  • No foaming (no defoamer required)
  • Compatible with next generation processes (e.g. reduction of wire diameter or wafer thickness, increased throughput)

Oil-free synthetic cutting fluids designed for diamond wire sawing

Industries & Applications

Blaser Swisslube products for the automotive industry
Blaser Swisslube products for the aerospace industry
Blaser Swisslube products for the medical technology industry
Blaser Swisslube products for luxury goods precision manufacturing

Industries & Applications

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Water-miscible coolants

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Blasocut – 100% bactericide free

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