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“It keeps running and running and running.”

Vasco 6000

Hubert Westhauser (Blaser Swisslube) – Machining expert with 45 years experience

Developed for the demanding conditions of general machining.

Ester-oil-based coolant with high proportion of additives

  • Resilient, stable, universally applicable product with robust performance and long tool life
  • High machining volume and best surface quality even for difficult operations and materials
  • Clean parts and machines thanks to excellent rinsing behaviour
  • Economical due to low consumption
  • Good human and skin compatibility (free of bactericides)

Broad range of applications

  • For general and high performance machining of titanium, nickel based alloys, alloyed steel, steel, cast steel, cast iron and cast aluminium alloys
  • For individually filled machines as well as central systems
  • For soft and hard water

Lower tool costs per part

Tool wear after 4, 8 and 20 meters milling in titanium

Conventional coolant

Vasco 6000

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Vasco 6000 – "It keeps running and running and running."