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Blasogrind GTE 5

Gears and Grinding Specialist Tom Cappadona from Blaser Swisslube with Doug Kring, Applications Engineer at United Grinding Technologies

For combined EDM and grinding of hard and super hard materials

  • High removal rate with hard and super hard materials such as PCD, CBN, ceramic cermet and tungsten carbide
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Prevents the release of cobalt when grinding tungsten carbide
  • Minimal mist and vapor formation for a pleasant work environment
  • Colorless and transparent for a clear view of the spark condition
  • GTL-based oil for long-term oxidation stability and good machine compatibility

For all major EDM grinding systems

  • Low viscosity and high flashpoint ensure optimal spark gap, minimized electrode wear and high stock removal also with fine grid wheels
  • Ultra-fast air release creates an optimal ionized channel and dielectric strength

Grinding machines equipped with Studer WireDress

Anca EDG: PCD rotary eroding and carbide tool grinding in one

Agathon grinding machines equipped with PowerGrind technology

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Blasogrind GTE 5 – "When the going gets tough."