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Minimum quantity lubrication

Our product portfolio contains state-of-the-art MQL products for all common applications.

Our MQL product line ranges from aerospace approved products to products for heavy-duty machining of highly heat-resistant steels, such as turbocharger housings (1.4837). In the field of sheet metal forming, there is also a selection of high-performance solutions. In addition to spraying behavior, machining performance and tool life, component cleanliness and cleaning are also relevant for the process.

Our MQL products offer you the following advantages:

  • optimized spraying characteristics for MQL systems, even for high pressure and rpm
  • very high machining performance
  • long tool life
  • little residue and good cleanability
  • very good material compatibility
  • very high machine compatibility
  • excellent environmental and human compatibility
  • approvals in the following fields: machine tools, aerospace, automotive and medical

Dry milling vs. minimum quantity lubrication:

Vascomill MMS

Based on synthetic ester and fatty alcohol

For minimum quantity lubrication applications, we offer various versions in the form of Vascomill MQL products. They are suitable for both internal and external supply, reduce adhesions and leave the workpieces virtually residue-free when the machining process is over.

  • Vascomill MMS FA 1
  • Vascomill MMS FA2 with Airbus approval
  • Vascomill MMS SE1
  • Vascomill MMS HD1
  • Vascomill MMS SE2
  • Vascomill MMS SE3

FA = Fatty alcohol-based
SE = Ester oil-based
HD = Heavy duty

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