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Lubrication technology

“We make your work simpler, safer and more profitable.”

Wherever something is being built or transported in Switzerland, wherever food and medication are being produced and packaged, wherever machines, plants, devices and vehicles are being used, our lubrication technology experts will be there to support you and ensure a safe, profitable and simple operation.

Lubrication technology for the construction industry

Construction :


We help you increase the availability and extend the service life of your machines and simplify their servicing.

Lubrication technology for the industrial production industry

Industrial production :

Industrial production

Save time and money thanks to our comprehensive situation analysis and on-site consultation.

Lubrication technology for the transportation industry

Transport :


Benefit from our close collaboration with vehicle, machine and device manufacturers.

Lubrication technology for food and medical industries

Food :


Our application engineers will help you choose the right products and create customised maintenance plans for easy and safe use.


Geräte und Zubehör - Schmiertechnik

Blaso-Pro - Automatische Schmierstoffspender

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