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Less machining time and increased productivity due to better cutting performance

Micro-Cut, based in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, specializes in high-precision machining of difficult-to-machine materials and complex shapes. With its strengths in advanced professional technology and thorough quality control, the company aims to become a world-class, cutting-edge manufacturing group. Micro-Cut’s management policy is to establish the world’s most advanced standardized machining technology and manufacture products that contribute to the development of its customers.

Mr. Mitsuhiro Nishibeppu’s decision to change cutting fluids was motivated by the goal of extending tool life and fluid life. Mr. Nishibeppu, who is General Manager at the Development Department Group 2 in the Development Division of Micro-Cut, was also prompted to review the cutting fluid situation after receiving reports from workers that the cutting fluid emitted a bad smell and caused skin problems on their hands. Micro-Cut had been using a different company’s product, but a representative from a trusted trading company introduced them to Blaser Swisslube’s Synergy 735 and Blasomill GT 15.

In cooperation with the team of Blaser Swisslube Japan, Mr. Nishibeppu conducted a one-month test of these two products. After seeing the overall positive test results, he decided to use Synergy 735 on two NC lathes that process parts for medical-related equipment and Blasomill GT15 on five NC automatic lathes that process parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Since Micro-Cut started using Synergy 735, tool life has increased by 10%, and metalworking fluid life has increased to eight months from an average of six months previously. As for Blasomill GT15, Mr. Nishibeppu said: “We have seen a 15% reduction in machining time and increased productivity due to better cutting performance. Both products have been reported by operators to have eliminated the odor and hand irritation problems that existed in the past.”

This whole initiative, led by Mr. Nishibeppu, has been well received within the company as it has contributed to improved profit margins and sales. Micro-Cut has an established internal award system that recognizes departments that have improved their operations and achieved positive results. “Development Department Group 2, which I belong to, was recognized and awarded for top performance,” explains Mr. Nishibeppu with a smile.

Hizima Seiki plans to continue using the products in the future. “Everyone in the factory appreciates the quality of the Blaser coolants as the putrid smell that used to pervade the entire factory has been eliminated”, says Mr. Kawai.