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Vasco 3000 maximizes tool life and productivity of automotive manufacturer

Company building of Yuhuan Jingrun Machinery Co. Ltd.

In early 2020, the Chinese automotive parts manufacturer Yuhuan Jingrun Machinery Co. Ltd. contacted the metalworking fluid experts of Blaser Swisslube China to discuss pressing challenges: The tool costs were too high, and the machine utilization as well as production efficiency could not meet expectations. After an in-depth analysis of the processes, materials, and tools, Blaser Swisslube proposed the use of the mineral oil free cutting fluid Vasco 3000. With outstanding results: The tool life was increased between 30% and 55%, the process reliability was maintained, and the coolant costs were reduced.

produced brake calipers for trucks

Yuhuan Jingrun Machinery Co. Ltd., established in 2018 and located in Yuhuan City near Taizhou in the province of Zhejiang in China’s East, is a young but ambitious and quickly growing manufacturer of automotive parts. The company mainly produces automobile parts, motorcycle parts as well as engine parts. The manufacturing processes include casting and forging blanks as well as precision machining. The materials include cast iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and others.

To provide more high-quality products, the decision makers at Yuhuan Jingrun wanted to focus on improving the product quality while at the same time optimizing the overall cost. Mr. Dasheng Zeng, the responsible production supervisor, explains: “We had the issue of high tool costs because of a too low tool life. The production efficiency and machine utilization did not meet our expectations. We set the goal to create a reliable and highly efficient process, increase the tool life and improve the production efficiency.” At the same time, Yuhuan Jingrun aimed to reduce the cost of the metalworking fluids.

Coolant becomes a Liquid Tool

In early 2020, decision makers of Yuhuan Jingrun and Blaser Swisslube China discussed the situation. Jack Wang, Blaser Sales Representative, looks back: “Blaser stands for an all-encompassing approach: It is crucial to evaluate all parameters, such as water quality, tools, machines, and materials, in order to identify the optimization potential of the whole process.” If the metalworking fluid matches perfectly to all the circumstances, it becomes a Liquid Tool and influences all other factors – productivity, tool life, surface quality, machine cleanliness – in a very positive way. Mr. Wang: “After our in-depth analysis, we recommended the use of Vasco 3000.”

The Vasco cutting fluids from Blaser Swisslube are mineral oil free. They are based on esters and because of their polarity and selected antiwear additives, they provide outstanding performance when it comes to highly demanding cutting operations. They are resistant to high pressures and temperatures thanks to a compact lubrication film. The Vasco cutting fluids are ideal for the machining of tough steels and titanium.

Successful test phase

In May 2020, the new coolant was tested on a Mazak horizontal machining center for three months. The parts produced by this production line are brake calipers for trucks. The material is ductile cast iron QT550, the output is 25’000 pieces per year. The parts are manufactured through face milling, boring, and drilling. Before Vasco 3000 could be introduced, the Blaser Swisslube engineers assisted the production crew of Yuhuan Jingrun with the cleaning of the tank. In a second step, the new metalworking fluid was filled in the tanks. Jack Wang from Blaser Swisslube China: “During the test phase, we tracked and optimized each parameter separately so that we could continuously improve the production process.”

The test phase proved successful: After continuous optimization, the tool life of the D160 face milling cutter could be increased by 30%, the life of a non-standard composite boring insert was increased by 39%, and the life of a fine boring tool increased by 55%. The process reliability remained on the same high level. Because the concentration of the used coolant was lower than before, the coolant costs could also be lowered. “Lower coolant costs, better cleanliness of the machine and a considerably longer tool life – this was possible because of the excellent lubricity of Vasco 3000,” says Jack Wang.

Reduced overall costs

With the longer tool life, the process parameters could be adjusted, and the machine output and efficiency were maximized. Mr. Zeng from Yuhuan Jingrun summarizes: “Because of the excellent lubrication performance, we increased the efficiency by 18% and reduced the overall cost. We saved 61’417 Chinese Yuan per year on a single machine.”

Partnership for the future

Since the initial cooperation was very successful, Yuhuan Jingrun has a strong interest and confidence in the Blaser Swisslube products and know-how. Vasco 3000 has been used for more than one and a half years, and it has met all the high expectations. That is why Blaser Swisslube and Yuhuan Jingrun aim to strengthen the collaboration in the future. In a next step, the Blaser experts will analyze the grinding processes with the goal of creating value for the customer.

Factors such as production efficiency and processing quality depend to a large extent on the selection and quality of metalworking fluids and the expertise of the processing experts. In addition to the excellent coolants, it is the expertise in sales, R&D, technology, and customer service that makes Blaser Swisslube a preferred partner on the quest for maximum efficiency.

Happy customer at Yuhuan Jingrun
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