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Ramping up production?
How to restart CNC machines the proper way.

If your shop is ready to restart production, check that the metalworking fluid has been properly maintained and is in good condition before powering up the machine.

Water-miscible metalworking fluids cannot be left on their own. Without monitoring and maintenance there is a risk of developing unpleasant odors, corrosion in the machine or residue on finished parts. If you had an extended shutdown and machines were left with water-miscible fluids in the sump, follow this guide to ensure the coolant is in good and stable condition before re-use.

Re-start checklist for water-miscible coolants

Download the Checklist PDF
and step-by-step guidance on how to restart machines the proper way, including:

  • Tips for visual inspection
  • Steps to check and adjust concentration
  • How to achieve the proper pH
  • Recommended maintenance

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Water-miscible coolant care – 7 tips for success PDF

Restart with cutting and grinding oils

The proper steps for restarting a CNC machine take into consideration the sump tank size, coolant age, coolant condition, and disposal costs of the metalworking fluid. Your local Blaser Area Manager or Blaser Customer Service Representative is ready to assist you in evaluating any concerns.

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Although cutting and grinding oils do not need specific precautions, a production stop may be a good opportunity to clean the machines and change to a new oil – something you may have wanted to do for a while but never got around to it. With neat oils, proper cleaning of your machines is crucial to avoid any contamination of the new oil. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions. In the download section below, you can also find a PDF with all steps explained in detail.

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Water-miscible coolant checklist for re-starting after shutdown

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Water-miscible coolant care – 7 tips for success

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Coolant monitoring sheet (Excel file)