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Metalworking fluid helps reduce tool wear by more than 20%

Satisfied customer at AMI Industries

When AMI Industries, a precision manufacturer in Tainan, Taiwan, purchased a new machining centre, the German machine manufacturer recommended the use of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids. After discussions with the Blaser experts, the decision makers at AMI Industries concluded to start with a test phase. They set ambitious targets: extending the tool life, reducing the tool and production costs, improving the surface quality. With the holistic approach of Blaser Swisslube and a change to the metalworking fluid B-Cool 755, all these goals were achieved.

AMI Industries Inc. is specialized in precision machining of complex components for the aerospace, automotive, medical, computer, hydraulic, optical, and pneumatic industries. The company was established in 2008 and is located in Liuying Technology Park in Tainan, Taiwan. The AMI Industries machinery park features the most modern multi-axis processing machines for turning, milling and drilling.

When AMI Industries purchased a new machining centre, the engineers of the German machine manufacturer recommended the use of Blaser Swisslube metalworking fluids. AMI Industries contacted Blaser to find the ideal coolant solution. After first talks, it was soon clear that there was optimization potential in the whole production processes. “Our main goal was to extend the tool life, reduce the tool and production costs as well as improve the surface quality of the machined parts,” explains Mr. Jian Yao Huang, Manager Aerospace Business Division of AMI Industries.

Dennis Wu, Blaser Customer Service Manager in Taiwan, recounts: “Besides a better cooling performance, a better surface quality and reduced cycle time, we also aimed for an improved dimensional accuracy.” In order to suggest an ideal metalworking fluid, the Blaser experts needed to evaluate the production processes, the machines, materials and tools thoroughly. This Blaser-specific integrated approach ensures that the metalworking fluid becomes a “Liquid Tool”, positively influencing parameters such as tool life, surface quality, and production costs.

Produced precision part

Test phase with B-Cool 755

AMI Industries and Blaser Swisslube agreed to conduct a first test on a vertical lathe in the production of aerospace engine parts out of Inconel 718. After careful consideration, Dennis Wu suggested the use of B-Cool 755. B-Cool is a water-miscible, mineral-oil-based, chlorine-free cutting fluid. Its characteristics include low foaming behavior in hard and soft water with good stability, good protection from corrosion and low consumption. “B-Cool 755 was initially developed for aluminum and aluminum alloys, but it also proved to be very effective when machining materials that are more difficult to process. It has helped customers to achieve increased tool life across a wide range of materials. That is why we were convinced that it can significantly extend the tool life for AMI Industries, while at the same time save costs and increase the production efficiency,” says Dennis Wu.

Tool wear reduced by more than 20%

The test phase, which was conducted in the autumn of 2018, produced very satisfying results. The new metalworking fluid reduced tool wear significantly: on the front of the cutting tool by 21%, on the side by 26%. Dennis Wu: “Tool life and process stability have improved. And, last but not least, the surface quality of the produced parts has been optimized as well.”

Optimizing the cycle time

According to the wear condition, the process parameters were adjusted to optimize the cycle times and improve the overall production efficiency. Feed rates were increased, cycle times and the cost of machine tools were reduced. On top of that, the metalworking fluid costs could also be decreased, saving 133.500 New Taiwan Dollar (approx. 31.350 RMB) per year.

Blaser Swisslube and AMI Industries will continue to cooperate and increase the production efficiency.

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